A History of Danielson Martial Arts Academy

  • 1974 - Canterbury Connecticut, The Danielson Karate Club founded by Master Steven Bardsley. (Student of Master Cheezic.)
  • The Danielson Karate Club moved to Maple Street in Danielson and then the American Legion Hall.
  • 1982 The Danielson Karate Club moved to the Elks Club under Master Joseph Johnson. (Former student of Master Bardsley.)
  • 1987 - Master Gary Guay became Chief Instructor and The Danielson Karate Club became Danielson Martial Arts Academy.
  • 1990 - Danielson Martial Arts Academy moved back to Maple Street
  • DMAA sent a group of Black Belts, including Black Belt Daryl Laperle to compete with the United States Karate Team in Eastern Europe.
  • 1993 - DMAA moved to Central Village
  • May, 1994, Master Daryl Laperle (former student of Master Guay) took over leadership of the Academy
  • Master Laperle expanded the Academy to a second school in Dayville
  • 2000 - The two schools were combined into one location in Danielson, with over 5000 square feet of floor, making it the largest Martial Alts facility in New England at the time.
  • Under Master Laperle's leadership, the Academy has become a cornerstone in Northeast Connecticut.
Members of our academy have since traveled to Australia, China and Bermuda for international competition and training, as well as Ireland and Italy on martial arts related trips. With over 20 active black belts, D.M.A.A. boasts the largest instructional staff in any martial arts school in Connecticut.
The leadership of our Academy is an unbroken line of tradition of student becoming teacher and furthering our goal of being the most disciplined, and well trained Martial artists in our federation.